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06 Jul 2020

Don't share personal information with strangers online!

This person by the name marian franco stephanie reached out to me through meetup group, saying that she wants to be friend and wanted to talk to me via Whatsapp as she is from ny and coming to sg for…...

04 Jul 2020

Caller asked me to download remote access programme and asked me to key in my bank details

Caller claimed to be from Singtel and had a very strong Indian ascent, he said that SINGTEL has detected someone using my internet and wanted to detect any hackers. He told me to switch on my laptop and…...

04 Jul 2020

Beware of Smishing SMS about your "package"

Received a text saying a parcel addressed to me was stopped and I had to pay shipping fees. When i clicked on the link, I did not recognise the courier service and I got suspicious when there were no…...

04 Jul 2020

I found call from "DBS" suspicious!

Got an automated call from a singapore mobile number saying that my DBS account has been frozen and that I had to press number “3” to proceed further. I hung the call as felt highly suspicious as bank…...

04 Jul 2020

Scammer got angry when I told her that I was a computer expert

I got this call around 5pm on 3 july 2020. one lady (Accent chinese/thAi/vietNam/korean) Told that my computer is hacked and is currently used for illegal purpose. I asked her how many operating systems…...

04 Jul 2020

Scammer got angry when I told her that I didn't have a computer

Lady with heavy Indian accent, claimed to be singtel called to inform there are unusual usage of My Wifi These few days. Requested me to turn on computer so that She can Guide on troubleshooting. I asked…...

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