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26 Sep 2020

Call from "DBS" turned out to be a scam!

I received a call from an unknown number saying it was from Singapore's dbs company with the DBS logo set as the profile picture, phone number ( +92 310 2150481 ) on 26 Sep 2020. They told me that my…...

25 Sep 2020

Scammer gave up when they couldn't fool me!

I had received a call from (+0092882468656) first a lady who said that they are from Singtel and they claimed that a few days earlier my router was used by unauthorized peoples and that's why they want…...

24 Sep 2020

Caller who claimed to be from "Singtel" turned out to be a scammer

I received a call from a man who claimed to be calling from Singtel internet technical department (he doesn't sound local). he told me that my IP is receiving a lot of warning and asked me to proceed…...

24 Sep 2020

"Friend" who contacted me on social media turned out to be a scammer

RECEIVED a friend request from my senior from SCHOOL. I have followed her, but i thought she possibly could have created a new account. Once accepted, I received a private message from the account asking…...

23 Sep 2020

I was asked to pay different fees to secure my loan!

A Whatsapp message advertising loans with loan interest rates was sent to me. I messaged the person named "Ben". He asked me to send my work permit front and back after that he sent me the agreement and…...

23 Sep 2020

Scammer couldn't answer my questions

I received a scam call today impersonating as Singtel technical department. The caller ID is 668402??. He dropped the call immediately after a few probing questions....

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