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29 Jun 2022 |

Caller insisted that he was my long lost friend

This person called and said me by my name and said he just changed his number. He had a strong Malaysian accent. He also asked me to guess who he is and said that he was someone that I talked to with…...

29 Jun 2022 |

Job involving the rating of hotels turned out to be a scam

A person texted me on telegram to rate hotels & guided me step by step. After signing on the website - https://www.zehnderpteltd.net/web, they added me to a group chat of ard 30 pax. The people in the…...

29 Jun 2022 |

Caller who claimed to be my friend turned out to be a scammer

Received a call on day 1, did not provide a name but said he is someone close and recently changed phone number, asking me to guess who it was. upon saying he name, he said yes that's right and carried…...

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