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26 Feb 2024 |

I blocked an unknown sender who offered me a job

I received a message on Telegram from an unknown person named 9 Emilia Schmide, asking if I would like to earn 6% dollars a day with just a $50 capital. They instructed me to inquire further by asking…...

24 Feb 2024 |

I lost $20,000 to an Investment scam

I was added to an unknown Telegram investment group promising very good returns. Many members claimed to have won in the group. Initially, I didn't trust them, so I tried to contact those who claimed…...

24 Feb 2024 |

Beware of phone calls attempting to impersonate the Police

Received a call at 10:44 AM on 24/2/24 claiming to be from the Singapore Police Force, requesting verification of my WhatsApp number. The caller threatened jail if not verified, insisting I pick up his…...

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CALL 1800-722-6688
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