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17 May 2021

Another case of impersonation scam phone calls!

Received a spoof call from "Singtel". The  person on the other line said they were from Singtel tech support an there were problems with internet access in the network. They wanted to speak with whoever…...

17 May 2021

Beware of "Singtel" impersonation phone calls!

Received call from 6429358? with no sound at first. This already triggered my alert since most scams call start with first 5-10 seconds of silence, maybe due to overseas connection. Anyway, After about…...

16 May 2021

Beware of impersonation phone calls

caller claims to be a ministry of health (MOH) official. I have uncollected health documents that need to be retrieved. I needed to follow the caller's instructions, which I didn't....

15 May 2021

Don't be fooled by phishing SMSes

I received a text message from 932082?? with the below detail: [SingPost]You have the goods to be signed. Please check: When I click there link, I was directed to a fake singpost…...

15 May 2021

Scammer threatened my wife after she didn't want to give her information

A man called my wife's mobile number and knew her name. He said he was from MOH and that she had been traced to a potential covid 19 contact at novena on 8th may and must go into quarantine. my wife said…...

14 May 2021

Beware of fake SMSes!

Received an sms: singpost: we have issues with your shipping address for redeliver your package to your address pleas click here: (Note: Phishing website, do not click).  if click…...

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