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19 May 2022

"Singapore Police" used a foreign number to contact me. It's a scam

Today morning AROUND 11:35 AM, I RECEIVED A WHATSAPP VIDEO CALL FROM +1 (347) 980-9833. the caller claimed to be from the "Singapore Police Force". The caller was wearing a mask and simply dressed in…...

19 May 2022

I lost over $5k to a Fake Friend scam

I received a call from a scammer with strong Malaysian accent on 17 May 8:12pm pretending to be someone I know. the caller claimed that his handphone and wallet got stolen by the workers renovating his…...

19 May 2022

Job turned out to be a scam

On 12May 2022. I came across an online job recruitment in telegram group. I was keen thus decided to respond to it. The recruiter claimed that that it was a freelance job and I could earn 350/ week and…...

18 May 2022

Beware of Credit-for-Sex scams

Found a so call collage girl doing part time "service". Saying 300 for 2 hours. Insist I go fetch her from her place. Told me to wait at 7-eleven, theb says her friend will call to discuss. Her friend…...

18 May 2022

I lost over $13k to a job scam

A headhunter from BGC job agency messaged me via telegram about this job. Later on a guy whatsapp me saying he is an agent working for Visenze. He told me I need to complete 40 data set to earn commission.…...

18 May 2022

Don't respond to loan advertisements

100% of all online loan offers are either illegal, scams or loan sharks. I met my scammer on locanto sg. instead of asking victims for upfront fees, they have reversed tactics now. insisted to deposit…...

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