Impersonation Scam

Impersonation Scam

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WHAT IS AN Impersonation Scam?

This scam usually involves a phone call or in-app call (e.g WhatsApp) from someone claiming to be a local government official (e.g. government official, police officer or court official), staff from a bank or telco, or a representative of a Chinese bank or courier company.

Look out for these scam signs

How to stay safe

Don't pick up calls from these numbers unless you're expecting an overseas call.
Do not disclose your personal details to anyone without verification. Never share confidential information such as account passwords, OTPs with anyone. Banks and government officials will never ask you for bank transfers, personal details, bank account and credit card details, or OTPs over the phone.
Hang up immediately if the caller cannot identify themselves properly. Always verify the authenticity of the information or request through official websites, apps, email or call the company's hotline.
Do not click on URLs in unsolicited emails or text messages.
Do not act on requests for sensitive and personal information without verification, especially if the request is made out of the blue. If in doubt, ask someone you trust for a second opinion.

Impersonation Scam: Real Stories

24 Jan 2023 | Impersonation Scam

Beware of phishing phone calls claiming to be from "Singtel"

"John Williams" (fake name - he had a thick indian accent) called at 9am today from "Singtel" and launched in to saying that there's a problem with my singel wifi and to check my router. No security…...

23 Jan 2023 | Impersonation Scam

Beware of phishing emails!

I received an email from “CASE” today. Email informed me that my CASE dispute has been successfully referred to their collection and compensation department for assessment, and i have been found eligible…...

19 Jan 2023 | Impersonation Scam

Beware of Fake Friend scams!

The scammer called me impersonating as my friend. He informed that he lost his mobile phone as such has changed his number. he also mentioned that he has lost his wallet. he needs help from me as he urgently…...

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