Online Purchase Scam

Online Purchase Scam

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An unusually good deal for a gadget, amusement park or concert tickets attracts your attention online. You transfer payment to the ""seller"" who promises delivery of the item. In some cases, the seller demands further payment for duties or delivery charges after the first payment is made. Ultimately, you never receive the item.

In another variant, you may be asked to pay in cash for items that you did not purchase, that are different to what you thought you purchased or are cheap replicas.

Many of these fake sellers may pose as legitimate online sellers on popular marketplaces, create fake websites, or even place advertisements on social media to build credibility.

You only realise you've been scammed after paying for the items in cash.

Look out for these scam signs

How to stay safe

Transact within the platform. Where possible, insist on cash-on-delivery or use the platform's secure payment method.
Always choose to deal with reputable sellers who have good ratings and reviews and have been with the site for some time.

For high-value items, use reputable platforms with consumer protection and return policies.
Always check the terms and conditions and ensure fees are stated upfront.
Additional fees such as GST may be levied on goods that exceed a certain value ($400) for more information visit Singapore Customs:

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Online Purchase Scam: Real Stories

31 Jan 2024 | Online Purchase Scam

I lost $400 to a Concert ticket scam

Saw muhammad elmouchiha's carousell post selling coldplay tickets. The posting asked to contact him on telegram due to flooded inbox on carousell. On telegram, @elmouchiha asked to transfer money to him…...

11 Jan 2024 | Online Purchase Scam

I fell prey to a Concert ticket scam

On January 6, 2024, a person who identified himself as Gerrard contacted me by phone regarding three concert tickets I was interested in. Initially, I had contacted him through Carousell under the username…...

11 Jan 2024 | Online Purchase Scam

Be wary of fake concert tickets sale online

Scammer was selling taylor swift tickets online and it ended up being a scam on the 8/1/24 i lost $230 to this scam....

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CALL 1800-722-6688
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