Credit-for-Sex Scam

Credit-for-Sex Scam

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A stranger befriends you through social media platforms such as WeChat. The scammer talks you into buying them a gift card (e.g. Alipay Purchase Cards, iTunes Gift Card, etc.) in exchange for a meet-up, date or sexual favours.

Look out for these scam signs

How to stay safe

Be wary whenever someone offers sex in exchange for gift cards or shopping credits.
Do not give out your personal details or disclose the gift cards PINs to strangers you meet online.
If you have encountered such a scam, report the fraudulent profile to WeChat via the app itself. Steps on how to report such accounts can be found here.

Credit-for-Sex Scam: Real Stories

24 Aug 2022 | Credit-for-Sex Scam

I lost over $1k to a Credit-for-Sex scam

Met the girl from Twitter, then chatted on Telegram. She asked me to go to Vista Point to wait for her and informed me that her manager would contact me to verify if I was from the Police. Then, the manager…...

18 Aug 2022 | Credit-for-Sex Scam

I fell prey to a Credit-for-Sex scam

Met this girl on TWITTER. so added her on Whatsapp, agreed to meet at jurong west street 64. As she'll not accept cash because afraid of "police fishing". asked to buy itunes card 150$ initially, then…...

09 Aug 2022 | Credit-for-Sex Scam

Scammer didn't provide the massage service after I paid

I happened to meet her in Telegram for a massage service. She said she was coming home at the end. She stated she forgot the oil and asked me to transfer the money for the service . I had transferred…...

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