Spoofed/Hacked Email Scam

Spoofed/Hacked Email Scam

Is that a real company you are talking to?


Scammers impersonate your suppliers, boss, logistic companies, renowned companies, etc using a similar email address. You'll be told to click on a link, provide your personal and confidential information on a fake website, or even ask to transfer money to a different bank account because the regular account has been suspended or is under audit. You could also be asked to purchase gift cards.

Alternatively, scammers can hack into either your email account, your supplier's or business partner's, monitor your email correspondence and at an opportune time, send an email to the other party requesting payment to another bank account. As well as a similar email address, scammers may use the same business logo, links to the company's website, or messaging format to trick you into believing you've received a genuine request for payment.

Look out for these scam signs

How to stay safe

Do not make changes to payment arrangements without checking with your suppliers. Call phone numbers you know instead of the number reflected on the email with the new payment instructions.
Always use secured networks to reduce the risk of hacking.
Use anti-virus software and update it regularly. Consider free Domain Name System (DNS) protection services such as Quad9 (quad9.net). Update your Operating System (OS) when new patches are made available.
Tell your employees about this scam, especially those responsible for making funds transfers.
For more information, visit "Chief Technology Officer-as-a-Service (CTO-as-a-Service)" at https://www.imda.gov.sg/CTOaaS.
Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance, DMARC (dmarc.globalcyberalliance.org) tools can help detect fraudulent emails.
Global Security Alliance (GCA) toolkit: https://gcatoolkit.org/small business/
CSA Website on cyber hygiene: https://www.csa.gov.sg/gosafeonline

Spoofed/Hacked Email Scam: Real Stories

30 Oct 2023 | Spoofed/Hacked Email Scam

Scammer impersonated our company to cheat our clients

Our company, Shun Tian Pte Ltd, recently experienced a phishing scam incident. One of our clients received an email from our email account falsely claiming that our company had changed its bank account.…...

10 Nov 2022 | Spoofed/Hacked Email Scam

Beware of fake emails claiming to be from your 'boss'

Beware emails coming from - rcarry@optonline.net I received an urgent email from the scammer. The person spoofed my boss's name (with a personal email address- rcarry@optonline.net), sent to my work…...

10 Apr 2020 | Spoofed/Hacked Email Scam

I received a cyber extortion email asking for $1,900

When I logged in into my email on 10/apr/2020, i received an extortion email for $1,900. the scammer claimed that they know my email password, and they have video of me visiting adult website. a failure…...

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