Investment Scam

Investment Scam

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You receive a message from someone claiming to be stockbrokers or bank or financial company employees on social networking sites like Facebook, WeChat or Line. They ask you to share personal details like NRIC and passport numbers for an investment form. You are then asked to transfer money to banks in Hong Kong and China, pay hefty administrative and security fees, and taxes in order to receive the profits and returns.

You may also receive phone calls from people claiming to be from the Hong Kong Monetary Authority or Hong Kong Overseas Control Centre, asking for a deposit before profits can be released.

In other cases, you may be asked by an online friend to invest in cryptocurrencies, which are highly volatile and unregulated in Singapore.

Look out for these scam signs

How to stay safe

Always check with a licensed financial advisor before making any investments, or do a thorough check on the company and its representatives using resources such as the Financial Institution's Directory, Register or Representatives, and Investor Alert List, which can be found on the MAS website (
When investing, always understand what you're investing in. High returns come with high risks.

Please note that when dealing with unregulated entities, you will have little recourse if things go wrong. If an entity is based outside of Singapore, check if it is regulated with the respective overseas authority.
Never provide your name, identification number, passport details, contact details, bank account or credit card details to anyone you do not know well.
Be wary of befriending strangers on social media platforms who promises to make you rich.

Investment Scam: Real Stories

26 Feb 2024 | Investment Scam

I blocked an unknown sender who offered me a job

I received a message on Telegram from an unknown person named 9 Emilia Schmide, asking if I would like to earn 6% dollars a day with just a $50 capital. They instructed me to inquire further by asking…...

24 Feb 2024 | Investment Scam

I lost $20,000 to an Investment scam

I was added to an unknown Telegram investment group promising very good returns. Many members claimed to have won in the group. Initially, I didn't trust them, so I tried to contact those who claimed…...

21 Feb 2024 | Investment Scam

Beware of ads offering fake investments

My friend saw a post online regarding Sharon Au quarreling with Jean Danker on 'R U OK' due to an investment job. She forwarded me the link, and upon opening it, I found it to be a CNA article (it appeared…...

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