Cyber Extortion Scam

Cyber Extortion Scam

Assume anything you do online is being recorded


A scammer befriends you online and then coaxes you into performing an indecent act on camera. Afterwards, the scammer use the video footage or images of the act to extort money from you.

You may also receive a threatening email claiming your computer has been compromised and the sender has compromising photos/ videos of you, which they will share with your loved ones and friends. You are asked to pay the scammers in cryptocurrency to resolve the issue.

Look out for these scam signs

How to stay safe

Remember, whatever happens on the Internet is likely to stay on the Internet and is accessible to everyone.
If you agree to perform indecent acts in front of a webcam it is very likely that you will be recorded.
Scammers will exploit your identity and personal details for their own profit.
If you are victim of sextortion, speak to someone you trust, file a police report immediately and cease contact. Do not pay the criminal.

Cyber Extortion Scam: Real Stories

12 Feb 2024 | Cyber Extortion Scam

Beware of Cyber Extortion scams

I met a girl on a dating app called Meef. We chatted for a bit, and she asked for my Instagram. Her Instagram seemed legitimate, with 4-5 years of posts, which made me lower my guard. After a few days…...

02 Dec 2023 | Cyber Extortion Scam

Beware of Sextortions

I met a girl on a dating site who later connected with me on Instagram. She gradually built a connection and persuaded me into an intimate video call, during which she recorded sensitive footage to extort…...

09 Sep 2023 | Cyber Extortion Scam

Online friend turned out to be a scammer

I met Paul on Instagram in late July 2023. He was a cheerful guy who would order fruits for me, encouraging me to stay healthy with vitamins. We became emotionally closer. In late August 2023, he went…...

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