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Job Scam

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You receive an unsolicited job offer via messaging apps, social media, etc. Very often, potential ‘employers’ will offer high pay with very little time commitment or effort. There are a number of different job scams. ‘Affiliate Marketing’ jobs where you are asked to pay for products in advance to boost the sales of sellers in return for commission. 'Agent' jobs require you to process fund transfers using your personal bank account, then transfer the money through online banking or money transfer services such as Western Union or MoneyGram. Applicants for jobs like 'Assistant Purchaser', 'Stock Takers' or 'Trial Participant' may be asked to reveal details like name, identity card number, phone security code or OTPs. This allows the scammers to access your mobile phone to make online purchases. 'Male Social Escort' jobs promise introductions to wealthy female clients, but only after you pay a registration fee. You may also be asked to pay additional fees such as insurance or membership.

Look out for these scam signs

How to stay safe

If you receive an unsolicited job offer, always verify the authenticity of the offer with the hiring company through their official channels. You can check the information against the "Recruitment" section on the corporate website or by emailing the HR department.
Never allow others, including your "employers", to use your bank account to conduct transactions. You may be committing a crime by laundering money for criminals.

Money laundering is a serious offence. Offenders may be fined up to $500,000 and imprisoned for 10 years.

You are responsible for all the transactions that are carried out on your account.
Do not download unverified apps from unknown sources to apply for a job.
You should never be asked to pay to secure a job offer.

Job Scam: Real Stories

17 Jan 2023 | Job Scam

Unsolicited survey turned out to be a scam

JasminE from Skyline Travel & Consulting PTE LTD reached out via Whatsapp for a simple survey and reward you $6 for participation, another lady name Connie msg from whatsapp asking whether keen to participate…...

16 Jan 2023 | Job Scam

Beware of job scams!

I got a random number from this guy on whatsapp, claiming to be head of operations from shopee (red flag). He is offering $20 to like youtube videos... Which is too good to be true.. But i did out of…...

15 Jan 2023 | Job Scam

I lost over $20k to a job scam

1) HOW IT HAPPENED: a whatsapp message on a survey on singapore attractions. 2) WHEN IT HAPPENED: 13-14 Jan 2023 3) HOW MUCH WAS LOST: SGD 24805 job scam summary it all started from a WhatsApp message…...

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