Lottery Scam

Lottery Scam

The win may not be real


You get a phone call, SMS or message from a "friend" online saying you’ve won a prize in a lucky draw. The prize could be a car, condo overseas or cash. To claim the prize, you must share confidential information such as account login credentials or OTPs, or even pay administrative fees or taxes.

Alternatively, you could receive a call to take part in a survey that gives you entry to a lucky draw. You "win" the draw and are asked to share personal and confidential information, or asked to pay an admin. fee to claim the prize.

Look out for these scam signs

How to stay safe

Winning a draw should never entail an advance payment.
Ignore calls and correspondence saying you've won, especially if you haven't entered any lucky draws.
If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
If you are told on the streets, while in Malaysia, that you have won a huge lucky draw prize but needed to pay admin fees to claim it, never accept it. Do not agree to be ferried back to Singapore to withdraw money to in order to claim the prize.

Lottery Scam: Real Stories

25 Sep 2023 | Lottery Scam

Beware of fake lucky draws online

I received a Facebook Messenger message from a user with a specified name, informing me that I had won third place in a recent lucky draw, which took place two days ago. The individual in charge then…...

26 Jun 2023 | Lottery Scam

I lost $700 after responding to a chat on Apple phone giveaway

It started on a Instagram chat message saying that I won a giveaway and they told me to continuously buy apple gift cards since it was an Apple phone giveaway. I have lost $700 in cash so far and they…...

12 Apr 2023 | Lottery Scam

Beware of scam calls claiming that you have won a lucky draw

I received an invitation call to an Alibaba event from various Singapore numbers. A few days/weeks later, a woman named Gao Hui Ling claimed that you won a 2-carat Cartier diamond in a lucky draw. She…...

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