Scam Using WeChat

Scam Using WeChat

Beware of attractive deals


You see a pop-up or online ad for game credits or Chinese Reminbi at attractive rates If you click on the ad you’re instructed to add the seller on WeChat and register an account with your personal information and bank account details on a website in order to receive the game credits. You’re asked to pay for the game credits via Alipay, iTunes or MyCard. Once you’ve paid, the scammer does not deliver the game credits and becomes uncontactable. You may be asked to make multiple payments or authenticate or activate the bank account.

In the case of foreign currency, you’re asked to transfer money to a Singapore bank account before you receive the Chinese Renminbi in your WeChat or Alipay account. Once you've transfered, the scammer goes dark and blocks you on WeChat.

Look out for these scam signs

How to stay safe

Check the terms and conditions for the deal and the advertisers' track record by reading reviews of their services or contacting previous customers.
Keep your conversation within the site. Often, scammers will try to take the conversation off the site to avoid getting tracked.
Never disclose your personal information such as bank account details to strangers.
It's a crime to operate a money-changing business without a valid license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Scam Using WeChat: Real Stories

22 Nov 2018 | Scam Using WeChat

He requested me to borrow him ¥20000, I lent 6000. Deleted me from Wechat and didn't pay me back

Met eugene yeo(jiedong yeo) from I know him for half an year. So when he said he didn't bring enough ¥ in cku competiton , and the dog show can't accept credit card to pay, then requested…...

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