I lost $100 to a Job scam

Anonymous | 01 Dec 2023

Job Scam

The Facebook job ad appeared legitimate, associated with the reputable recruitment company Hudson. On November 30th, I contacted Kevin Goh via WhatsApp, who referred me to Jobcraft's senior writer, Joleen. Jobcraft's website, linking to Fiverr, added credibility. Joleen explained a remote gig as a review writer, with tasks earning a percentage upon completion. To start, I had to deposit $100 to Martha Lee Shi En via PayNow. After completing 4/10 tasks, I was asked to top up for the 5th task. Suspicion arose; I called Martha's PayNow number, which was not in service. Ceasing activities with Jobcraft, Joleen persistently urged task completion. Calls to her went unanswered; she only texted. Kevin and Joleen are scammers; I blocked and reported their numbers. A $100 lesson learned with scammers!