Unknown caller turned out to be a scammer

Anonymous | 02 Feb 2024

Impersonation Scam
Called me saying "I've changed my number, please contact me here from now on." When I asked who he was, he said "can't you recognise my voice?" And I thought it was my insurance agent. This was 3 days ago.

Today he called and asked me if I knew how to change contact details on UOB. His OTP kept getting sent to his old phone number and he can't access. I screenshot to show him how to change.

Afterwards he called me again saying he's not sure if it went through. And asked if I could do him a favour and transfer $1200 for him first, and he'll transfer me back later.

If I had thought this was my friend, I might have just said yes. But since I thought it was an insurance agent only I was wary and said no because recently a lot of scams. Afterwards I called the "old" number and realised it's still working and my actual insurance agent picked up. Different voice entirely but we don't usually speak on the phone.

I have all my calls recorded on my phone so I pulled it out to share with my agent. at first I thought the guy was impersonating him, but I later realised it was a generic impersonation call and i just assigned an identity to him. Didn't even realise that until I went back to listen to the calls again.