Online friend turned out to be a scammer

Anonymous | 02 Oct 2020

Internet Love Scam
i received a friend request on instagram on 19/09/20. the next day he strike a conversation with me. his ig account name is iamharry_adam. his name is jang. he told me hie is a korean staying in manchester uk. he is 30 years old and single. we chat for a few days on line app after that. then he said he wanted to send me a love gift card. he asked me if i am willingly to accept his gift and asked for my address and mobile number to be couriered to. i skeptically gave it to him. he then sent me a verification code and the link to click on to arrange for delivery. i googled the courier company name universal express courier ( but it was blocked. then i tried clicking the link given by jang but luckily it was blocked by sg MDA as well, saying it possible scam. I confronted him and he got angry and say im mad and stupid for suspecting him. then he blocked me on ig. the next day i received a whatsapp text from an unknown number +6586487752. he said his name is mohamed harris and he has got instructions from a mr jang fom uk to deliver a parcel and ask for my verification code.

I ignored the message. and by now i am very sure he is trying to scam me. so i used his photo to check using google reverse image search and saw that he actually is a impersonator. the guy i spoke to for the past week is not even the guy in the photo. the photo belongs to someone else. meanwhile, this jang kept asking me why i did not reply the courier guy. i sent him a pic of the actual guy in his real ig account and said i already made a police report and goodbye. then I changed my privacy settings in my ig account and closed my line account for good. actually all along i have noticed something strange about him. his followers and those following him on IG fluctuate lot everyday. most of his followers are ladies from singapore, thailand, vietnam, taiwan , philippines. and mostly married and with kids. he doesnt tell me much about himself. When I asked if Jang is his last name, he reply just "jang". so ladies, please be careful of these scammers and do not hesitate to google or talk to someone if you think is a fraud.