Scammer ended the call himself

Anonymous | 03 Dec 2021

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Recieved a call from a person pretending to be Singtel staff. he Told me that my internet network has unusual activities and people are using my network illegally. Asked me to open my command box to "verify" my internet security code.. The code alligns with what he tells me and next he gives me instruction to check the illegal connections to my wifi. I got suspiscious when he asked me to open my event viewer. i then Told him that I want to do it another time instead and he sounded upset. I said I was in a meeting and he say he'll call me back. I requested to call him back instead but he did not want to give me contact details saying that the hackers will have information on my phone line. I told him that I don't trust him because he didn't not want me to call back and he hung up.