Job offer turned out to be a scam

Anonymous | 03 Jun 2022

Job Scam
I was contacted on telegram with a job offer (28/12/21). Soon after, I was contacted on WhatsApp and provided with a website detailing the company and a job portal.
Two accounts were created, the first being one for my own use, the second by the person whom I was speaking to. After topping-up the second account, they directed me to complete the tasks to generate data. By example, there was a need to top up the account every time it reached a negative amount. She would top up the account by direct me to contact customer service with the top-up details.
Upon completing the tasks, she withdrew the amount from the account and sent the amount to the first account that had been made for my own use. I was then directed to complete the tasks on the account where I proceeded to do the same and successfully withdrew a portion of the money. (28/12/21).

The next day (29/12/21), the same person contacted me. Following the same steps, I completed the steps on her account first.

Things started getting worse when I started using my own account. The amounts kept getting bigger and when I consulted the person about these amounts, she continued to encourage me to keep going so that I could withdraw the full amount once the tasks were complete.

I contacted customer service and questioned them, stating that if I did not get the money back, I would lodge a police report. They replied that they had an army of lawyers that would counter the claims. After some back and forth, I was told that a manager would be calling me.

During the call, their manager requested we top up a final amount to off-set the negative on the account so that the order could be completed. Including the amount that was supposed to be deposited, I was supposed to receive the total plus commission once the transfer was complete. I agreed to this after requesting some details as assurance from the manager.

Once I had fulfilled the top-up, I waited before going to check the status of the account. This was when the manager called me again, yelling at me to ask me what I did, only to find that there was now a new order on the account and that the negative amount on the account was back even larger than the last. They claimed that this had never happened before and said that I had done something. I did not even have my phone with me because I had it on the charger at the time the transaction was made.
I noticed a HP advertisement on their website earlier which is why I thought the company had some legitimacy to it. A friend that I consulted went to do some research and found that the company was using an expired marketing quote without consent. She has said that HP will now be reporting the company because the comment expired 4 years ago.