Don't be used by scammers

Anonymous | 04 Apr 2024

Home/Room Rental Scam
I spotted a part-time admin assistant job posting in a Telegram group for part-time work. I applied and was connected with someone named Justin Tan who claimed to be from ERA. He sent what appeared to be "official" documents and employee passes. He instructed me to post rental listings on Carousel and Facebook Marketplace and forward the details of interested parties to them via WhatsApp.

Additionally, he mentioned the necessity of having a bank account for potential clawback situations if I were to remove the listings prematurely. I hesitated to use an existing account, so he suggested creating a new one with Standard Chartered under the Jumpsavers account. After creating the account, I couldn't log in despite trying for a whole day. Justin then offered to have the "finance department" handle the login process for me, assuring me that I'd get the account back afterward.

I provided the login details as requested, but I never received my account back, and Justin became unreachable. Subsequently, I filed a police report after attempts to contact Justin failed.