Be wary of strangers you met online. Not all are genuine

Anonymous | 04 Dec 2023

Internet Love Scam
I encountered "Ethan" on CMB, and we recently matched. After chatting for a while on CMB, we exchanged numbers and continued our conversation via WhatsApp.

Ethan hails from Penang, with a Thai and Chinese mixed background. We engaged in regular WhatsApp conversations for several days, accompanied by nightly calls. Initially, he expressed his intent for a serious relationship, revealing that he works as a civil servant in a pub and serves as an environmental engineer. Additionally, he mentioned involvement in side businesses related to carbon trading with family or friends, openly discussing his monthly earnings—an unusual disclosure that raised my suspicions.

Persistently, he shared limited details about his family and showcased his passion for the environment. Ethan emphasized his extensive knowledge of environmental matters, impressing me with his legitimate insights. On a Saturday night, he initiated another WhatsApp call, recalling my upcoming trip and suggesting I open a carbon trading account to earn extra funds. Red flags emerged in my mind, and I hesitated, expressing my fatigue and signaling the end of the call. Despite my reluctance, he requested my email address once more before concluding the conversation.

Recognizing potential danger, I decided to think it over, and feeling uneasy about the situation, I blocked him on WhatsApp and reported the incident on CMB. This account is a condensed version of my experience. I am open to sharing the full story with NCPC to contribute to raising awareness about these scams.

A crucial reminder: avoid developing strong feelings for someone you haven't met face to face. Stay vigilant.