I lost over $40,000 to a Job scam

Anonymous | 04 May 2023

Job Scam
A hiring manager reached out to me via WhatsApp after seeing my resume on Jobstreet. Although I wasn't looking for a job, she offered me a freelance job as a Google reviewer with the objective of boosting visibility for their clients. I was skeptical at first, but decided to give it a try since it didn't harm anyone. I was added to a Telegram chat and paid for the reviews I provided.

Later, I was asked to complete tasks posted by an administrator in a group chat. These tasks involved giving Google reviews on food and places, and I was reimbursed for them. I was then asked to complete more advanced tasks, the first of which involved boosting clicks and transactions on a cryptocurrency platform. I chose to test it out with the lowest amount of $200, and I was refunded my principal and a commission of $40 after following the given instructions.

As a result, I believed that they needed help to boost transactions and clicks, and I got my commission back quickly. The manager informed me that I needed to complete two advance tasks a day to be reimbursed for the rest of the Google reviews. I requested to do the $200 advance task again as my second task, but I was informed that I could only do it once, and that I had to move on to the next level of advance task.