Beware of phishing SMS from 'Healthier SG'

Anonymous | 04 Sep 2023

Phishing Scam Impersonation Scam
I received an SMS today about the enrollment for the ongoing Healthier SG program. The SMS was sent from a HP number, and not from MOH. When I clicked on the link in the SMS, I was led to a WhatsApp chat with "Healthhub".

During the chat with the other party over WhatsApp, I was asked to download a healthhub.apk file, which is a malware.

Editor's Note: Please note that the Sender ID for SMSes on Healthier SG will be shown as "MOH". They will address you by your name and the last four digits of your I/C will also be reflected in the SMS.

For more info on how the real SMS will look like, click here:

Photo Evidence: