I lost $150 to a Job scam

Anonymous | 05 Dec 2023

Job Scam
I recently had an unfortunate encounter with a scammer named Sajiah Ali while searching for an online data entry job to supplement my nighttime income. After sharing my job-seeking story on Instagram, Sajiah Ali approached me, promising a data entry position with a potential daily earning of around $300. Intrigued, I engaged with her, even participating in a phone conversation to discuss the job details.

Initially, everything appeared legitimate, and she assured me that we could meet in person. However, things took a turn when she informed me about a "registration fee" of $150. Without much hesitation, I paid the fee, trusting her words. On the first day of work, my "leader," Sajiah Ali, then revealed an additional "document fee" of $1000 to proceed further. It was at this point that I realized I had fallen victim to a scam.

Despite losing $150 in the process, I consider it a valuable lesson. Sajiah Ali turned out to be a deceptive scammer, and this experience serves as a reminder to exercise caution and vigilance in such situations.