I fell prey to a Job scam

Anonymous | 05 Feb 2024

Job Scam
On February 4th, I was contacted by a recruiter named "Nancy" via WhatsApp, offering me a work-from-home opportunity for extra income. After seeking clarification on the job description she provided, I became suspicious due to the Indonesian telephone number she used. The following day, "Delia" reached out to me on WhatsApp, claiming that Nancy had referred me to her. Delia, with a Singapore phone number, lowered my initial guard, and I expressed interest in learning more about the job.

According to Delia, the job entailed assisting an agency with app optimization tasks, with potential earnings of up to $4,000 per month. Intrigued by my previous experience in app development, I agreed to explore further. I registered for an account through the provided website (shy-ftupoptimizationsoftware10-myhome.com/) and received a $28 sign-up bonus.

During the training session, Delia disclosed that the platform assigned tasks based on our account balance, where each task carried a specific value. Our commission was a percentage of this value, and to access higher-value tasks, we needed an account balance equivalent to that value. This raised red flags for me, especially as the "app optimization" tasks seemed merely like clicking a couple of buttons.

Upon researching the agency name, "Shyft Up," I discovered it to be a legitimate app optimization company based in the Bay Area. However, the logos on their official page and the address provided to me were different. Coupled with other job scams in Singapore, I chose to play it safe and block both Delia and Nancy.