Beware of fake job offers online

Anonymous | 06 Jul 2022

Job Scam
I was approached by a lady name Wendy Eng from telegram she texted me several times if I'm interested to know about a job with daily commission of $10-$200. I didn't reply but she was persistent so I give her a chance to share. Subsequently, she referred me to her agent, jacelyn. She added me into a telegram group chat of 12 people and shared that i have to register a login via the website and the step by step guide to do the hotel rating and withdrawal of commission. The first set was free of charge as the company have top up $105 for new user to trial and complete a set of 35 Hotel ratings. I received my commission of $11 and was told to withdraw via paynow.

Group members started messaging me to tell me how long they have been into this and how it have help them build some passive income. I was skeptical but they assured me its legit and encourage me to renew in order to complete another set of 35 hotel ratings. After much thoughts I renewed, The admin mention I need to deposit $105 so that I could start (reason: It is the same as booking a hotel and complete the rating) And i could withdraw the $105 plus commission after i complete 35 ratings. Payment mode via paynow.

So I embarked on my second set of rating. At the 17th ratings , i was given a deluxe package which is 5x the commission I thought I was lucky. However, the system did not allow me to continue and my deposit become negative. I asked the admin and was explained that it is a system assign bonus, in order to continue i need to deposit more money to the froze account and I deposited $400 to continue. at the 25th rating I have another deluxe package and my deposit became negative, admin again explained i need to deposit $600 to continue, and i did. again at the 32th rating I was given another deluxe package, same thing my DEPOSITs become negative and was told to deposit another 2.5k. I came to realised that something is not right and threaten to report to the police, they say I can go ahead as they have lawyer to support the case and was advised to deposit so that I can finish my set of 35 ratings to withdraw all my deposits and commission.

I didn't continue anymore and ignore all the chats and telegram.