I lost $4k to a Job scam

Anonymous | 06 Oct 2022

Job Scam

A girl @aisyah_angel_5534 suddenly followed me on instagram. Her intro, post and followers looks normal so i accepted. We started chat and then our chat was directed to whatsapp (+6581737314). We turned out to have similar background.

She even sent me her own pic, the food she was eating and working pic. She works as a store manager in a skincare company at orchard during daytime and works part-time for chanel to create data to boost sales.

After some days, she said she couldn't sleep well and her eyes are pain. Asked me to help her completing some of her part-time job task so she can sleep earlier. I agreed.

She sent me a whatsapp no. (+6591336261), said is 'chanel online customer service' and asked me message them saying i am helping her. They started sending me the 'task'. First, a real chanel product link was sent. I was asked to take a screenshot for them to confirm. Later they sent an accout number and mobile no. (which belongs to some weird malay name) for me to transfer/paynow.

First order $90, i sent and after a while, returned $105 ($10 newcomer bonus + 5% of product price). Second order $530, i sent and returned $556. They wrote that completed 3 orders has $50 bonus (clearly, first two are the bait). Third order, amount started to become 5k+ (the real deal comes). The girl was still sharing her experience to make it convincing, like orders more than 5k are rare and i was lucky etc. She got a 9k order previously and got nice bonus.

5k+ was too much. She said can ask for changing. They changed to a 3k product. I just transfer but didnt notice the order quantity this time is '3'!! I was asked to pay for the remaining two. I was so shocked and asked her for rescue. She said is ok to pay in ringgit too. They then sent me a malaysia bank account to transfer. Luckily bank blocked the transaction.

I later tried to pay partial but the sg bank declined it and called me saying it is actually a job scam. I told her and she still tried to convince me by sharing she had similar experiences, told me not to worry. She 'helped' me to pay partial and showed me the screenshot. Think i am too eager to get back my money (the sunk cost) so i stupidly transfer another 1k to 'keep' the order. Part of me even felt guilty like i really owed her money.

There is a fine line between kindness and stupidity. I feel so embarrassed, my intention was just to help a 'friend'. She still said that i am a good guy. How sarcastic! Sharing this to remind all of you to stay vigilant and not falling into the same trap. Found some similar stories here also (but seems i am the only stupid one).