Beware of WhatsApp hacking

Anonymous | 07 Nov 2023

Social Media Impersonation / Whatsapp Takeover Scam
I'd like to draw your attention to a recent wave of WhatsApp hacking incidents, including one that affected my company. It was discovered that the hacker infiltrated our company's WhatsApp through the carelessness of one of our employees. She frequently used WhatsApp Web and unintentionally logged into a fake WhatsApp page by scanning a QR code she found through a Google search. I confirmed this when I checked her internet browser history, revealing the fake WhatsApp website she visited a week earlier. Strangely, Google has not taken action to remove the fake WhatsApp Web from its sponsored search results (large platforms not doing enough to protect against scams).

The hacker discreetly reached out to our company's WhatsApp contacts, asking for money, which raised suspicions among most of them. Fortunately, we detected this early and disconnected the linked device to prevent further malicious activities. I believe there are others who may not be as fortunate and remain unaware that unauthorized hackers are lurking in their WhatsApp active device list, ready to cause more trouble. WhatsApp contains a wealth of personal information and can be exploited to gather further data for scams or blackmailing individuals on the contact list. Many employees have also started receiving spam calls from overseas numbers recently, likely due to our contacts being obtained from the WhatsApp contact list.