Beware of Job scams

Anonymous | 08 Dec 2023

Job Scam
Wendy reached out to me on WhatsApp, mentioning she obtained my number through an Indeed recommendation on the job site. Despite initially appearing as a registered company in Singapore, further research uncovered several red flags:

They adopt the identity of a former staff member from Asiaray Outdoor Advertising (HK) or Asiaray Media Group.
Lack of a legitimate official website or presence on any social media platform.
Profile pictures seem 'too nice,' potentially AI-generated or stolen.
They directed me to communicate with their 'supervisor' on Telegram, making it challenging to trace their real identity.
Refusal to click on any links, claiming they are not functional, suggesting wariness of potential traps.
Inability to answer straightforward questions, offering vague responses while urging immediate 'work' the next day.

Texts are overly casual, lacking the sincerity expected from an established company.
The recruitment process is excessively simple and lacks a structured approach.
The 'assistant' persistently pressured me to contact their 'supervisor' daily, displaying an eagerness that raised suspicion.

The procedure involved the 'assistant' initiating contact on WhatsApp, gauging my interest in a job vacancy. This person then instructed me to message their 'supervisor' on Telegram, claiming to represent media companies associated with Agoda,, and similar platforms. The 'supervisor' posed a few basic questions before urging me to commence work the following day, which happened to be a Sunday.

My experience concludes here due to numerous red flags. Additionally, I have alerted and informed Agoda through their website and social media channels for their awareness. Stay vigilant.