I fell prey to a Job scam

Anonymous | 08 Feb 2024

Job Scam
I was added to a WhatsApp group for tasks related to a "TikTok-Rakuten" collaboration, which later transitioned to Telegram for further communication with the advisor and work group. Subsequently, I was asked to transfer money for a task. Upon transferring, I was directed to another "mentor" who tasked me with signing up for an account on a dubious website and completing "hidden tasks" before retrieving my deposit. The first hidden task was covered by the $30 credit I initially paid, but the second task required additional money before I could receive the overall payout along with my deposit. Since I wasn't informed of these hidden tasks requiring more deposits before my initial transfer, I requested to cancel my entry and receive a refund, but they refused and ceased communication thereafter.

Additionally, one of the tasks involved donating money to the purported Geylang East Home for the Aged. A quick check revealed a very similar UEN, likely used to mislead victims since it's a scam.

Photo Evidence: