Love doesn't have to be blind

Anonymous | 08 Jul 2019

Internet Love Scam
This guy named Albert added me on instagram and introduced himself raised In Cortland united state but born in hongkong taipu. He wanted to befriend me . Within two weeks, he confesses his love for me and wanted to be in relationship. He said he is independent contracted as safety consultant for petrochemical company. After three weeks, he mentioned he got new contract so need to go Mexico for 6 weeks. After this he will come to Singapore to be with me for future plan.

During our daily interactions, he sent me his pictures and video. He also calls me via Whatsapp daily. He sounds loving and caring in order to gain my trust. Before leaving for Mexico, he said he wanted to send me a gift. I gave him my address and name. After that i realized he sent me 4 hand bags, a set of jewelry, perfume sets, prada leather Watch and two set of clothes. 

I was shocked to see these items in the package as they are really expensive stuff and his courier was US1,400. He told me the total value of his gift was worth US$14k . That is crazy right ? I have sensed it is like a scam so i checked The shipping company website and found it normal. Until the day i received whatsapp from sg phone no to informed me to pay $5500 for taxes and clearance.

This agent did not give me any name or account. I called this number but it was no longer in use. I informed Albert but he asked me to pay on behalf and claimed back the parcel. Even returned to sender i also need to pay for the clearance . After that, he cut off all contact. I found out that his contact number was also fake. The courier Website : www.routeni?.com is also a fake website.

Albert's WhatsApp is no longer active. That makes me strongly believe it is love scam! Luckily, I didn't pay for anything or fall in love with him. Be careful! Now it is possible to get fake us phone nUmber just for WhatsApp. Sending gift in short time after getting know you is also weird, even if the person mentioned that he will eventually visit you. 

Many fakes daily life photos and video easily get u to trust but better to make videocall first. Anyway ladies, pls do not easily trust stranger blindly and give them any personal details. Use your wisdom or share stories with your friends to fight against love scam.


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