I lost money to a scammer I met on a gaming site

Anonymous | 08 Sep 2023

Online Purchase Scam

I was playing an online game when someone randomly messaged me in-game, expressing interest in purchasing my game account for $300. Despite being aware of various scams, I failed to recognize the red flags in this situation.

The scammer then added me on Line and directed me to visit this website: https://taoyigou.lies.??? (Note: Be careful of link provided) They claimed to have sent $300 for the account through the website, and when I checked, the money was indeed there. However, to retrieve the $300, I was asked to initially top up $1001. Due to an error, I topped up only $1000 (which should have been suspicious, as the recipient's name was of Malay origin), and my account was "frozen." I was then instructed to top up an additional $5201 to unfreeze it.

In a daze, I proceeded with the transfer until the bank recognized the transaction and immediately called me. It was at that moment that I finally realized I had fallen victim to a scam. Reading their "Terms and Conditions," I noticed that if the account wasn't unlocked within one day, the funds would be confiscated. I realized that this cycle of unlocking would never end and decided to file a police report. I felt incredibly foolish.

Remember, when something seems too good to be true, it usually is.