Beware of Government Officials Impersonation scams

Anonymous | 09 May 2023

Phishing Scam Impersonation Scam
I received an automated voice call to authorize a transaction on a Metro UOB Visa credit card that I do not own. I was connected to a customer service officer who identified himself as Thomas Chan. He informed me that I had allegedly applied for the card at the Tampines UOB branch on April 24th at 2 pm. He also provided me with the name of the bank officer involved. He then proceeded to state that he would freeze the card and connect me to the CAD police. An "officer" came on the line, identifying himself as Inspector Lee Wei Ming. He sent me a WhatsApp message with his police ID and proceeded to ask for my personal details, claiming that I was a suspect in a highly confidential money laundering case involving ICBC Bank and Shirina Sheling. He warned that if I went to the police station, I would be arrested. I continued to press for verification of his identity, and he sent me a photo of the CAD office at the Cantonment Police Station. Following this, I proceeded to lodge a report at the police station.