Online friend turned out to be a scammer

Anonymous | 09 Sep 2023

Cyber Extortion Scam

I met Paul on Instagram in late July 2023. He was a cheerful guy who would order fruits for me, encouraging me to stay healthy with vitamins. We became emotionally closer. In late August 2023, he went on a business trip overseas, and everything seemed fine. We missed each other.

However, on September 7-8, he asked me to lend him $50,000, promising a quick return. I explained that I had no money. In response, he threatened to disclose a nude video he had taken of me without my consent on Instagram. Fearing the consequences, I deleted my account.

I have since filed a police report, and an investigation is underway. This incident has instilled fear in me, as it could potentially harm my family, friends, and my career.