Please beware of fake job offers sent via Telegram

Anonymous | 10 Jan 2022

Job Scam

I was contacted on telegram by adeline asking if i was looking for a part-time job which is flexible and can do from home, and when i responded ok, she referred me to kai xuan, "agent of valtech", who contacted me on whatsapp to see if i'm interested to know more. Upon finding out the job description, it seems too suspicious to be true. She introduced me to this website "" where i can "submit orders" and earn commission.

How this works:
1) create an account under her referral, 2) give her my referral for her to sign me up under her, 3) help her account to grab 50 orders first which earn my account earn 20% commissions

4) to complete 50 orders, halfway through you will get a negative balance, because of "high value orders" which gives "triple commission" so you need to top up by contacting the customer service +65 8804 6658 on WhatsApp, very unprofessional. She makes you believe that you don't have to fork out any money while she does the fund transfer and sends you the screenshot and ask you to forward to the customer service. Why couldn't she do it herself? It is to show you that this "process" is legit.

I read another scam alert that subsequently they will ask you to use the 20% comms deposited to your account to go to your account and finish 40 orders before you can withdraw the principal and commissions money. So i stopped at 4) as I felt suspicious throughout and did not want to provide any further personal details or money. I believe this scam works by locking your money away, lets you withdraw some commission and the principal, but then afterwards the order amount gets large enough that you have to keep topping up.. $1000+...$10,000+... And so on. Then maybe one day, you cannot withdraw.

Red flags:
1) from the website, it claimed to be under "valtech", but the logo quality is obviously low and they just replace the company name all the time (there was a similar scam using ey's name, today it's valtech, tomorrow maybe it's apple...)

2) the money is too good to be true. $1-$30 commission per order clicked. Each click takes like 5 seconds.

3) why would company's introduction not mention anything, uses colored font with multiple icons etc. Totally low level ui design that is randomly put together

4) the english used by the website and customer service is totally unprofessional.

If you want extra income, find a proper side income by starting your own small home business, do grab, courier delivery, etc. Don't trust in such systems. Don't waste your time on easy money.

Be wary, if you need to top up with your own cash. Nothing comes easy, especially money.