Caller attempted to fool me to give her my details

Anonymous | 10 May 2023

Phishing Scam Impersonation Scam
I received a robocall about a suspicious online transaction on my SC credit card (8351???). The message instructed me to press "1" to speak to their officer. A woman then spoke to me, informing me about a new SC credit card ending in 79xx that had an online transaction of SGD3328 on Carousell Malaysia. She stated that the transaction was currently on hold by the SC system. According to her, the new credit card had been applied for on April 19th and approved on April 27th. However, I denied ever receiving this new credit card.

The woman concluded that this was a scam and provided me with a case number, "SC-22-3436-29," advising me to report it to the police. She offered to connect me directly to the police hotline. When I asked for the telephone number to call back myself, she quickly initiated the connection. Unfortunately, the call was disconnected, but she promptly called me back using the number 84076980 and reconnected me to the "police" hotline.

A "police officer" answered the call and requested my full name and IC number. He then asked me to switch to WhatsApp for recording purposes in order to file the police report. On WhatsApp, he displayed his "Police ID card" as Ng Qi Han but removed it after I verified it. He suggested performing a comprehensive check in the police system to see if any of my other cards were involved in scams. In the background, I heard his colleague mention that one of my bank accounts was being used to receive unknown overseas funds. At this point, I realized it was a scam and immediately ended the call.