Beware of Internet Love scams!

Anonymous | 11 May 2023

Internet Love Scam
Met a guy on OkCupid who claims to be a construction engineer and associate director at the Building Construction Authority. He says he earns $30k per month and has a personal assistant who chauffeurs him to fancy restaurants where he meets clients.

We started chatting on WhatsApp, and he regularly shares pictures of his daily life, including food, golf outings, and more. He mentioned how his boss introduced him to Ye Gang, the COO of Sea Limited, during a golf session. He sees Ye Gang as an inspiration and someone who has helped him greatly. He explained how HDB uses private placements to raise money for different phases of their developments and how Ye Gang gave him an invitation code to participate in these private placements. According to him, these placements are similar to fixed deposits, where you invest your principal for 60-90 days and receive your principal plus interest at the end of the commitment period, without any risks.

We tried to arrange meetups twice, but he canceled at the last minute due to work-related travel that lasted 1-2 weeks. He even suggested a date after his trip to keep me interested. Then he asked me to take pictures of a nearby BTO project, claiming he needed them to decide whether to participate in the private placement for that project. Upon researching, I found similar stories where others were eventually asked to join the private placement and ended up losing money.