Don't be fooled by online friends

Anonymous | 12 Jan 2024

Job Scam Internet Love Scam
Connected with an individual on Coffee Meets Bagel in early January 2024. She claimed to be a Malaysian working as an ID in Singapore, collecting task orders for Versace as a part-time job recommended by her aunt. Despite initial suspicions about scams linked to such jobs, I dismissed them as she seemed honest. However, her CMB account was reported a few days later, with her attributing it to a request for sex from the other party. The provided screenshot raised further doubts. Two days before our planned meeting, she aggressively requested my help to complete task orders, insisting it would be faster and I could keep her company. I declined due to not having met her yet. She became confrontational, accusing me of being all talk and no action. Throughout the week, she attempted to build rapport before introducing the task order job. Recognizing the elaborate social engineering, I declined to meet her, avoiding any financial loss by rejecting the task orders.