Part-time job turned out to be a scam

Anonymous | 12 Mar 2020

Money Mule Scam Job Scam

I saw a part time/full time job advert on carousell. i cant remember his Carousell account as i didnt keep record.

i wanted to look for extra income so i actually went to click onto the link and it linked to his whatsapp number +65 8697 1085. his ic no : s894105?? pan houro?? , samuel. on last saturday , 7th mar , he replied me. our conversation was too long. he mentioned this job is flexible and i can do it where ever there is a post office in the area. he also said he wished to meet up with me but he is in new york as an architect and will come back to singapore in june. the whole message sounded real. i was required to mail the packages/mails to where he wants me to mail them to. the content of the packages will be business/personal mails. he will pre pay me first and work less than 15/20 hour per week and get more than $200 as an account personnel.

he also mentioned its 101% legal and real job. i sent him my ic and bank acc as he requested. on monday , he used different bank accounts with different names to transfer me $2650 without telling me beforehand that he will transfer. when he already transferred, it was already too late for me to report. he also said he will email me offer letter one week later. he told me to transfer $2630 to Mifeng’s DBS account. I did it at atm machine on the same day on tuesday , he transferred me $1849 and i was told to transfer $1840 to 2880169??-? lim seow h?? DBS, but that time I was working and he kept on pestering me and when I went to ATM machine after work , i realised my posb acc has been frozen by the police. I was so stressed because of him and the police officer told me to wait for his call and he will tell me when to come down for statement. I really thought that this was a real job because everything sounds real. so currently his money and my savings are stuck in my account and I was so helpless.