Beware of Online Love scams

Anonymous | 12 May 2023

Internet Love Scam
He initiated contact with me on Instagram on 11/03/2023 and later switched to the LINE app. He claimed to work as a contract manager at Tyto LLC in Singapore and mentioned frequent business trips abroad. We discussed marital status, children, and family situations. He shared daily activities such as eating, working, future plans, and hobbies through pictures. According to him, he was unmarried, had no parents, but had one son who might study abroad depending on the circumstances.

After a month of building trust and interest, he expressed excitement about a construction project contract and embarked on a business trip to Ecuador. He shared pictures of the airport, food, and the work site to strengthen trust. However, he encountered difficulties in transferring money for materials due to weak Wi-Fi, and he asked for my help. He provided his bank account information for me to log in and facilitate the money transfer. Once the transfer was successful, he continued to ask for assistance with subsequent transactions.

Unfortunately, problems arose when the bank locked the account, citing the unregistered location as the reason for the transaction failure. He claimed to have no cash, debit card, or friends to rely on, as the company had transferred all his money to his bank account for the Ecuador project. He insisted that only I could help him in this situation. He requested a payment of $15,500 to reactivate his bank account, promising to refund the amount afterward. However, even after the payment, his bank account remained inactive. The company terminated his contract, jeopardizing his job.

In a desperate rush, he begged me to find money and provided the contact information of three or four individuals who could potentially solve the problem. He implored me to buy a flight ticket from Ecuador to Singapore, promising to refund double the amount as gratitude for resolving his predicament. Upon paying $3,000 for the ticket, he vanished along with the money and all the information he had given me, including his passport, phone number, and home address, turned out to be fake.