Beware of scammers and don't be tempted by their offers

Anonymous | 12 Sep 2022

Loan Scam
To summarise:

1) Avoid any incoming calls starting with +65
2) Even if you have picked up such incoming calls & the caller is introducing himself from any loan company, pls end the call. Be prepared that they will continue to text you. You will need to be firm by ignoring them or blocking many unknown incoming phone numbers.
3) Suspect all these callers have access to the borrower's personal information from the staffs of legal money lenders or financial institutions. They claimed to know where is your residence which is accurate. how can they have access to obtain your residential address????
4) If you ever noticed, when u are financially stable, u only received calls from financial institutions eg. applying for credit cards, personal loans or balance transfer etc. But once you have reached your financial turbulence, you may start to receive such calls starting with +65.

Just sharing some thoughts here for those who have yet to encounter with these people