I lost over $11k to an Internet Love scam

Anonymous | 13 Nov 2023

Internet Love Scam
Ladies, beware of the CMB app and a guy named Thomas Phua who claims to work as an IT/system analyst at Intel.

We initially met on CMB, and our conversations progressed to WhatsApp. Despite his claim of a business trip in Thailand and a non-disclosure agreement preventing video calls, we chatted daily. He requested help checking a BTO project at Punggol Point Cove, promising a Tiffany and Co necklace as thanks. He shared a link (http://www.siggpofhlg.com/) for a secretive crowdfunding platform, vouched for by a friend named Andrew. The first investment returned, but the second, requiring $3k, raised doubts. Pressured by his affection, I topped up $9k to avoid forfeiting the initial $3k.

Realizing I lacked the funds, he suggested taking bank loans, using our future plans to guilt-trip me. After investing, the website crashed, and he vanished. Sweet talk turned into a harsh lesson. Don't trust easily until you meet face-to-face.