Job offer was in fact a scam

Anonymous | 13 Sep 2023

Job Scam
The same old scam scenario: I was contacted by a "recruiter" on Telegram who instructed someone to WhatsApp me for further details. They asked me to complete a set of 30 ratings to boost Play Store ratings. Suddenly, my balance went negative, and I was expected to deposit my own money to continue – quite comical, really. Avoid proceeding at all costs. The website currently in use is https://www.palo-marketi**.com/(Note: Please do not click)

Furthermore, the scammer added me to a group of accomplices, all of whom were sharing fake transfer receipts. He persistently called me, communicating in very poor English, which indicated he might be Malaysian. Other accomplices would also message me to convince me that this job was legitimate.

Never use your own money to deposit into unknown accounts; no legitimate job will require you to do so. You might also risk having your bank accounts frozen. Stay vigilant.

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