I lost over $20k to a fake gambling site

Anonymous | 14 Aug 2022

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Met a girl called chan Chui Shuen in a social media app, we had a good time of chatting and she brought me into an online gambling website called 星河国际 which I managed to earn some minor profits at first.

However, after that I’m being pulled into bigger bets of gambling by her due to the bonus offered by the gambling website (using Chinese valentine's day as the promo excuse) and slowly fall into the trap as I couldn’t cash out my money in the online gambling website and they keep asking and threatening me to put more money (using rules violation and cash deposit as an excuse) in order to cash out from the online gambling website. they mention that all the cash deposit can be withdrawn with my money altogether in the gambling website but they never did so. I fell for the trap for the first and second time as I was manipulated by them of my fear (Fear of couldn't take out the money from the gambling website) and greed (for the Chinese Valentine's day bonus at the first time), and slowly I woke up when I realise that they will never return my money and I blocked all of them from being further manipulated by them.

Lesson learnt. do not ever trust easily an online individual who has never been verified before, no matter how sweet talking they are or how true they look like. we cannot outsmart the scammers as they have a lot of scam ideas to come up with. the best way to deal with them is never get in touched with them at all, block any unsolicited calls, emails and messages and be careful of every online people you are getting into with.

Fake online gambling website: xhe123.cc (星河国际, do take note that they only allow their prey to get in the website, as I couldn't access the website anymore after the scam on me ended)
fake online gambling website customer service whatsapp number: +852 53042083

all the Fake bank accounts from chan chui shuen and the online gambling website:

Bank: standard chartered
Name: chui shuen chan
account: 012 7986???

bank: scb (standard chartered)
name: Yuen bin han
account: 012 798????
paynow: +65 8925???

bank: scb
name: surya vijayan
account: 012 798???
paynow: +65 890????

bank: ocbc (oversea chinese bank)
name: Xavier
account: 717 0797????
paynow: +65 883???

bank: scb (standard chartered)
name: muhammad ferdauz
account: 011 975????
paynow: +65 889????

Bank: Standard chartered
name: qisheng
account: 012 801????
paynow: 8345???

bank: uob
Name: Chun Lee
account: 457 375 ????