Beware of job scams!

Anonymous | 14 Jul 2021

Job Scam
Met a girl on TanTan (social dating apps), she introduce a part time job which boost the trending product on ZALORA.

What you need to do is contact this ZALORA customer services in Whatsapp and receive mission and after you complete the task you will get 5% of the merchant product price.
First, they require you to transfer the product amount (example $55.00) to this bank account (Account name: ZAN CH?? WEI Z??, Account no: 012827???? Bank name: Standard Chartered).

Once you complete the transfer and send the the screenshot, they will refund you the amount with 5% commission.

First mission was $55.00, second is $360.00 and lastly is $126.90.
The upcoming mission is $3005.00 and I realized this might be a scam hence I didn't continue, I believed they wouldn't refund me if I complete this mission.

I didn't suffer any financial losses in this scenario.