Beware of E-commerce scams

Anonymous | 14 Mar 2024

Online Purchase Scam
Came across a Facebook post in a hiking group where someone claimed they were relocating and selling items. Contacted them via their provided mobile number (913191??) to negotiate, and they agreed to a $100 deposit. Upon receiving their address for collection, I proceeded to pay via PayNow to the number 819512??.

Less than half an hour later, they informed me that their spouse had sold everything and collected payments from others, except for mine. They then requested an additional $500. This raised suspicions, and I refused to proceed with the sale. After requesting a refund, the individual became unresponsive.

I have reported the incident to both DBS and the police for documentation purposes. The bank has informed me that they are in the process of requesting a refund, but enforcement requires the account holder's agreement. Regardless, I consider this a lesson learned if recovery is not possible. Just a heads-up to the community here.