I didn't fall prey to Internet Love scam because of a story that I found online

Anonymous | 15 May 2019

Internet Love Scam
I got to know a guy named ‘Tag Brown Chang’ from coffee meets bagel in February 2019. He claimed to be half Singaporean and half Canadian, grew up in Singapore and went on to study engineering at NUS. He claims to have lost both parents and have uncles and aunts residing in Jurong east, hougang, yishun. He owns a company that provides pipeline maintenance services to oil and gas companies such as marathon petroleum Corporation from the USA. He is currently on short-term contract work in Indonesia and typically returns to Singapore almost every quarter to visit his son in Malaysia in Malacca. He claims to be a divorcee, ex-wife is living in Malaysia with the son. What is highly suspicious about him is the immediate confession of love and commitment to a serious relationship within A few days of short texting. I became suspicious and googled for scams under his name and found a scam alert published on 28 Dec 2018 where a John Chang brown was mentioned as a scammer. And also another report in April 2019 wIth the same name tag Brown Chang was mentioned. He supposed to come back to Sg in may 2019 but he said he had trouble with his pipe shipment.

The same story as on 28 Dec 2018 reported. He asked my help to email to his piping company (Watson automation system) which I did. Then His items not delivered and he said he could not be online due to bad weather and internet problem. He gave me his bank account pin to log in and i saw he had about $283k++ amount in his bank to make payment to the Piping company. But there was error cos the bank located my ip location address not the same as his. So the bank claimed to block his bank acct. In order to reactivate his bank acct, he has to pay $7k which he asked from me.

This immediately raised alarm bells. I told him No. Glad that I searched for clues before it went too far!