I lost $14k to investment scams

Anonymous | 15 Oct 2021

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1 I have known this person through dating app, and he asked for my telegram to talk more.

2. Since he added me he kept showing me his profit earned by trading btc on some website, I had listened but no interested to this kind of investment but he tried to insist me to try this 1 time only. First, he sent me some links and asked me to register by my phone number and top up $100 to try. After followed his instruction I have earned $10 and he taught withdraw all the amount. I did not suspect anything about this. Next time he asked me to top up $6000 and waited for him to help me plan how to trade with this amount. For a while turn out, with $6000 not enough to trade for this transaction, he told me it was risky to trade and asked me to top up until $18k. Which I did not have enough that amount, he lent me $3k and asked me to borrow some from my friend, I did not want to lose all the money i have put in, so i tried to asked around until have $17k to trade. He helped me to earn $3k after that and stopped because he said the market was not stable to continue. After that day, he told me i need to top up $17k more continue the trading for the safety, but i denied and he was so angry at me and i told him just trade with the amount I had because I did not want to continue just help me to finish and withdraw all the money inside there.

3. In the end, I lost $14k for follow his instructions.