I was cheated by my online friend

Anonymous | 16 Aug 2019

Internet Love Scam
Met a Korean guy( alan feng) on Cmb app. He said he own a mining company in perth and work under GIa. We got into relationship online in march.
Was given his bank account to help him on some bank transaction as he is on a cruise exhibition where there is no good wifi. Then he claim that before his final stop in greece, he has to deliver item that he bought onboard to avoid the 100% vat tax. I told him that i do not have the money and he said that all i have to dO is to recieve.
So when the parcel got struck at china custom, the diplomat called and ask to pay for the tax. He then say use his acct to transfer the money, which i did. However it will took 10 working days to transfer. So at the same time i also used his acct to transfer to myself. And since i am the one doing the transfer i thought that it was legit. And i pay up the tax on behalf on him thinking that the money will return to me. But the bank website was then down and i am unable to access the web. Then he said that he is coming to singapore and have a valid hotel invoice. And when he touch down sg , he claim that he was held by the sg police custody as he was charged by tiffiany & co (his client) for not able to deliver his project. And he say that his laywer will transfer the money, but i doubt so. A painful lesson for me. Be ware..

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