Beware of job scams!

Anonymous | 16 Jan 2023

Job Scam

I got a random number from this guy on whatsapp, claiming to be head of operations from shopee (red flag). He is offering $20 to like youtube videos... Which is too good to be true.. But i did out of greed and got the $..

but as time passes, he mentioned if i want to earn $50-$450 for a part time job (which is the same, liking youtube videos... And asked me to find a person called @tutor258 on telegram... And the person asked for my personal details (name, age, wa number, occupation, city, etc) - which i gave... Foolishly, and asked me to join their task group - and i joined.

But now, i have to pay in different tiers for more tasks ($170 to get $340 worth of tasks, $568 to get $1028, etc..) Although in the group, there are many people (which i think are fake task-dooers... Would send their screenshots to prove that they received cash after transferring the money...) It does not make sense... So i just quit.

Same situation, but different person (named aaliyah, now named joyi, but picture is a man... Contact: 88541329)... Who asked me to click on a suspicious link after completing the task. ( and - scam, do not click)

One too -> +57 310 5151597 - maria isabel (claimed to give weekly salary of $200 - $1500) to like tiktok/yt videos (which i did not respond)

Another task (the tourist attraction survey scam) +62 815 8556 6216 (barbra), +60 11 2881 1479 (carmen), +60 11 2106 5807 (another carmen), +1 207 694-9769 (christine from asa holidays) all these did not compensate the money for the same survey (yes, i was greedy... But ya same survey from these people) - they will ask: 1. What is the most famous tourist attraction in sg - then you answer either one a) uss, b) gardens by the bay, c) sg zoo... And 2. Have you ever been to this place before? A) yes b) no... But just to let you know if they give you money, you'd get reeled in to pay them in the end as you get deeper into their trap..

Another one from sherly (87616594) then directed me to desmond lee (89142032) who sent me a hotel review scam site ( - scam!! Do not click)

please be aware, those jobs to like youtube/tiktok/etc videos or ask you to answer simple qns (before asking you to pay for different tiered tasks) or "boost a seller on platform" are a scam... And always... Never pay for a job.

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