Beware of Job scams

Anonymous | 16 Mar 2024

Job Scam
I was added to a WhatsApp group randomly, where the admin introduced an online task completion opportunity for Expedia. The task involved liking certain hotels on Expedia and sending screenshots for payment of $15 per task, after completing three tasks. They then offered advanced tasks promising higher earnings but required upfront payments to proceed.

Initially, it seemed trustworthy as upon completing the first advanced task for $200, I received $240 back. However, things took a turn for the worse with the second advanced task. They introduced terms and conditions stating that multiple tasks had to be completed, ranging from 2-4 tasks depending on the merchant requirements, in order to receive payment.

I was grouped with three other people, though I couldn't ascertain if they were part of the scam or not. The amounts demanded increased significantly, starting from $800 and escalating to $7,630 for the final task. During the final task, unclear instructions led to errors, resulting in the claim that the transaction failed due to system instability.

They then demanded more funds, totaling $13.8K, to supposedly repair the details and retrieve the funds. Realizing the situation was spiraling out of control and losing trust, I decided to stop. It's a painful lesson, and I'm sharing this to warn others not to fall victim to these scammers. Please exercise caution

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