I lost $80 to a Credit-for-Sex scam

Anonymous | 16 Mar 2024

Credit-for-Sex Scam
Starting from a TikTok account featuring pretty girls, their videos always come with messages enticing men like me with offers of $150 for two hours. I fell for it and added them as friends. They would then direct me to chat on WhatsApp, where they'd converse politely. Surprisingly, their supposed location would often be nearby. I wondered why such attractive girls would resort to this when they could easily be models.

Today, I suddenly agreed to meet one of the girls. She provided an addressin Jurong West, and asked me to contact her upon arrival. Upon reaching there, she messaged me, saying for her safety, her male friend would call me. The guy indeed called, emphasizing that she's a good girl who should be treated well. He explained that, since it was my first time, I couldn't directly pay the girl. Instead, he asked me to buy two $50 Razor Gold cards from 7-Eleven. However, there were only $80 cards available. I refused, but he insisted I buy two $80 cards and pay $20 directly to the girl.

He then instructed me to scratch the cards and send him the serial numbers for "security purposes." At this point, I grew suspicious. He demanded I buy ten more $80 cards. Realizing it was a scam, I hung up. Immediately, he sent a threatening video, warning of dire consequences if I didn't comply. I blocked his number, but he used another. The girl resumed chatting, softening her tone but still threatening harm to my family. I informed them of my intention to report them to the police and blocked them.

In total, I lost $80. However, I'm sharing this story to prevent other vulnerable men from falling victim to this scam