Scammer became angry when I didn't want to invest as he requested

Anonymous | 16 May 2023

Internet Love Scam
I met someone on the CMB dating app in March 2023, and we later moved our conversation to WhatsApp. He informed me that he had deleted the dating app and expressed his sincerity about being in a relationship. However, he never showed any intention of meeting in person and only made promises to do so during the initial stages.

He frequently shared photos of food and boasted about his wealth, mentioning his affluent friends who treated him to expensive meals. He constantly checked in on me and took every opportunity to persuade me to invest in cryptocurrency. When I expressed hesitation, he suggested that he could provide me with the money for my initial investment, framing it as an investment for our future together. This proposal came after just two weeks of our WhatsApp conversations. When I rejected the offer, he became angry and sent multiple audio messages in response.