Vigilance prevented us from getting scammed

Anonymous | 16 Sep 2023

Online Purchase Scam Impersonation Scam

The scammer posed as a buyer representing "Nanyang Polytechnic" and expressed interest in purchasing high-value goods amounting to SGD 23,000. We requested a purchase order (PO) from Nanyang Polytechnic's official email address, but the scammer claimed urgency and was unwilling to wait. Instead, they fabricated a fake PO and sent it via WhatsApp from the number 914918??. They also provided us with the contact information of a supposed vendor who could supply the items.

Shortly thereafter, the vendor unexpectedly contacted us, claiming to have the goods that a customer was seeking. To add to the deception, the scammer forwarded a fabricated DBS transfer receipt, insisting that the items were needed within a few hours. The fake vendor then pressured us over the phone to send them money to release the goods for the scammer, emphasizing the need for swift action.

Suspicions arose when we realized it was the weekend, and Nanyang Polytechnic does not operate its offices on weekends. Moreover, we understood that we required an official domain-registered email from the polytechnic to our company email. Consequently, we halted the scammer's attempt to defraud us.